Increase Conversions, Reduce Costs.
Chat Solution for your website, app and Facebook Messenger

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Automate chat conversations with users.

Have your human agents take over if needed.
Enterprise Chatbot Solutions
with a human touch
Create chatbots for your favourite messaging platforms to do anything you can think of take orders, answer frequently asked questions, engage prospective customers and build long lasting relationships.
*Available for your Website, App, Facebook Messenger.


Create & Deploy
Just send us a flow chart or decision making tree. Well convert this into a chatbot almost instantly. You will also need to share your APIs to retrieve and post information to your existing system.

Add a few lines of code to your website or our SDK for your app to go live instantly! We help you go live on other platforms such as Facebook Messenger
Give your chatbot some personality! Well help you customize the look and language as per your needs. Well also use your business rules to add intelligence to the bot.
We provide a dashboard for you to monitor your chats along with an in-depth analytics tool. Make quick changes to get the results you want.
Why use Joes chat solution?

Easy Bot Builder

  • We help you build advanced bots very quickly. No programming required. Make changes and see them live instantly. Hosted and Managed solution.

* For Facebook + Website + App

  • Instantly go live on Your website, Your app and Facebook Messenger. We adapt the conversation to each platform to make use of their native UI elements.

Human + Bot

  • We believe that bots should have a human side to them. Easily allow users to connect with a human but only when really needed. Industry standard features available.


  • Analytics around every single interaction with the user. Also comes with some in built reports and the ability to export data for further analysis.

Connect with your backend

  • Call your backend system at any time to power the bots capabilities get information as well as post information to perform actions using APIs.


  • We integrate with your existing CRM to make your life easier. Already live with:
    Oracle, Shopify, Salesforce, Wordpress, Freshdesk, ZenDesk, Magento.

Natural Language Processing

  • We allow you to leverage some if the worlds best NLP tools (such as Stanford NLP Labs, and for more advanced bot usage.

Bot Expertise

  • Pioneers in this space, our team of conversation designers and engineers experts are there to help you build, deploy and manage your bot.