This is not an easy world to live in.
You are juggling 48 balls every second of your life.
You need someone to be on the ball for you.
Someone to help you shovel the shit that is piling on in your things-to-do sack.
Tutankhamun had his slaves.
Why shouldn't you.
You are the king of your own castle.
You deserve to have a bunch of boys fawning at your feet.
Someone to feed you grapes.
Or gelatos.
Even grilled chicken.
It is your birthright to have an amazing army whose only job is to wait for a whatsapp message from you.
We are that.
And I lead the pack.
Whatever you wish will be delivered in a swish.
Now, this is not some automated robot driven service.
This is brick and mortar brilliance.
There is a Joe on the other side. Not a Java.
So get going.
If things are looking iffy,we will sort them out in a jiffy.