What is Joe Hukum?

Joe Hukum is an On-demand Premium Concierge Service which helps you get things done by a simple chat.

How Does Joe Hukum Works?

We have a team of experts from every field which processes your request and based on your location, urgency & other criteria, gets the best options for you. Based on your choice, our logistics team picks and delivers the product at your doorstep.

Does Joe Hukum Have Its Own Catalog?

No, we collate the best options based on your location and request so that you get your products in the least possible time.

What All Can I Request With Joe Hukum?

We are truly your personal assistant. As long as your request is legal, we will get it done.

How Much Does It Cost For The Services?

We charge a small convenience fee of 5% of the value purchased. We have a minimum charge of Rs 20 and a maximum of Rs 500. Of course, you still have to pay the actuals of any product/ service purchased and any runner costs.

Logistics/ Runner costs are typically approximately Rs 10 per km. We calculate kilometers only from pick up address to drop address. Calculations are currently done based on Google Maps information available publicly and we choose the fastest route whenever feasible.

You have piggy points - these can be redeemed only against any convenience charges. We will randomly surprise you by putting in some piggy points from our side!

Earn loyalty points with every use! We will credit 1% of your transaction or 20% of your conveninece fees as piggy points that can be used in your next transaction.

Does It Cost If I Am Looking For An Information?

No, we only charge you when there is a transaction involved or a physical delivery is required.

How Soon Can I Expect The Products To Be Delivered?

We do it in lesser time than suggested by the Google Map.

How Does Joe Hukum Ensure Quality In Case of Services & Local Shopping?

We have a team of experts which does a quality & background check of the service personnel's and based on that we get the best for you. For the product delivery, our team does a Quality check of vendors and once we are satisfied we pick from them. In case the vendor is of customers choice, we ensure that the product being picked is not defective and is exactly what customer has asked for.